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Change-ability Tip #20: Write a List of 100

Kernel=Write a list of 100 in one sitting to uncover creative insights buried in your subconscious
Change-ability is enhanced when we feel that we have the resources, strategies or options for navigating the path ahead. Most of us are more resourceful than we think–we just need access to our ideas. List of 100 is a journalling [...]

Change-ability Tip #19: “Use darkness to shed light”–Roger von Oech

Kernel: Life is filled with opposites. If you’re facing darkness (stress/change), what is the opposite now visible as light?
From creativity consultant and author Roger von Oech:
“Heraclitus is saying that we don’t fully appreciate something until we have thought about or experienced its opposite. For example, success is more rewarding if we’ve tasted defeat, life more [...]

Change-ability Tip #18: Increase Creative Problem-solving through Visual Thinking

Kernel: Visual thinking techniques = instant flood of ideas, options & connections
There is something magical about visual thinking strategies such as Mind Mapping, clustering, concept mapping, or FutureScapes™. Each approach varies somewhat and personally, I like to use Gabrielle Rico’s “clustering” simply because I’ve had the most experience with it. I rarely begin any project [...]

Change-ability Tip #3: Identify your assumptions and reverse them

One of the most powerful creative thinking strategies I’ve found involves assumptions. While this technique sounds simple and requires no more than some quiet time to think and a pen and paper, it is deceptively difficult. I first began to consider reversing assumptions as a strategy after reading Michael Michalko’s book, Thinkertoys: A Handbook of [...]