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Change-ability Tip #3: Identify your assumptions and reverse them

One of the most powerful creative thinking strategies I’ve found involves assumptions. While this technique sounds simple and requires no more than some quiet time to think and a pen and paper, it is deceptively difficult. I first began to consider reversing assumptions as a strategy after reading Michael Michalko’s book, Thinkertoys: A Handbook of [...]

Change-ability Tip #2: Ask other people how they do it (and listen when they answer)

Photo: Judith Broug
How do you peel a sugar mandarin? You know those teeny minature mandarin oranges that are full of amazing flavour. I was reminded of this week’s change-ability tip when I watched my partner break open a sugar mandarin and then simply peel the skin off the two halves–no fuss, no muss. [...]

50 Ways to Be Resilient: Change-ability Tip #1

Photo: Kevin Connors
We’re approaching mid-January and I’ve been thinking of that old Greek philosopher, Heraclitus. It’s hard to imagine that way back in his day (he lived from 540 BC – 480 BC), things were unsettled enough to prompt his famous quote: “Nothing endures but change.” But when you think about it, Heraclitus and [...]