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Are there creative benefits to all that time spent on Twitter and Facebook?

According to Christina Shalley, professor of organizational behaviour at Georgia Tech and Jill Perry-Smith, assistant professor of organization and management at Emory University, relationships outside of the workplace can increase team creativity.

Shalley and Perry-Smith write: “Specifically, we propose that diverse personal ties outside of the team shape and strengthen individual team member’s creative muscle, and that this individual creative cognition is infused within the team, ultimately resulting in team creative cognition.”

According to a September 2008 press release, “…their article explores how imagination, insight, and creative ideas develop, evolve, and spread from one team member to another, ultimately increasing the team’s ability to think creatively about a range of problems. In essence, there is a team mindset that is greater than the sum of individual team members. When this synergistic process occurs, teams have the capacity to achieve high levels of creativity.”

“The emergence of team creative cognition: the role of diverse outside ties, sociocognitive network centrality, and team evolution.” Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal (Vol 2, No. 1)
Published Online: 17 Apr 2008. Abstract available.


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